Encouraging Computer Science: Learn to Code this Summer


To meet growing workforce demands, the Department of Computer Science (CS) has amped up its efforts to encourage K-12 students throughout the region, and the nation, to study computer science. This article is the third in a series that highlights the department’s CS outreach activities.

With the spring semester winding down, and summer soon upon us, the Department of Computer Science (CS) and kidOYO have teamed up once again to offer computer science classes to Long Island families. kidOYO’s Summer Experience at Stony Brook kicks off June 27, 2016 and includes a variety of lessons for students interested in technology. Lessons this summer will include 3D design and printing, Web Development, Python, Java, Javascript, green screen filming/editing, Scratch, and many more industry-leading programs.

Stony Brook University’s CS department not only provides facilities for the summer camp to take place but 20 student mentors from the department, many of whom volunteered for kidOYO in the past, work with the campers.

KidOYO is a company that produces educational infrastructure for K-12 classrooms to promote computer science education in elementary and secondary schools. They also work extensively with universities to expand opportunities for students and staff to build collaborative relationships with families, corporate employers, and local communities.

In total, KidOYO will be conducting five camps at Stony Brook over the course of the summer. There are three camps for children ages 8-15yo running June 27-July 8, July 25-29, and August 1-5. For students ages 13-17yo, there will also be a teen camp taking place from August 8-12.

New this year, kidOYO is holding a special teacher camp for elementary and secondary school teachers. This camp is taking place July 11-15 and is an opportunity for a teacher who is tasked with bringing coding into the classroom. This is the perfect program to build skills and lessons that can be quickly implemented in elementary or secondary classrooms. Teachers will learn how to create projects in multiple coding languages.

Head over to www.kidoyo.com/nyevents and give your child the opportunity of a lifetime; a coding-filled summer at Stony Brook University!