Jan. 27 - Free CodeLI Workshop


On January 27, the Department of Computer Science will host free workshop for children aging from seven to seventeen at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the New Computer Science Building. During this workshop, children will learn and use programs, such as Python, Java, and Scratch to program a game. CS undergraduate students and alumni will be on hand to mentor and facilitate computer science learning. Parents are required to stay with their children throughout the workshop.

While registration for this workshop did reach capacity within 24 hours, a wait list has been created and parents and children who are still interested in the free workshop can join the .

This is a great and exciting opportunity for children and their parents to experience what CodeLI has to offer. If children enjoy this workshop, they may want to attend kidOYO summer camp which takes place June-August at Stony Brook University. At the summer camp, students have the opportunity to further their programming skills and will engage in a number of technologies, such as Redstone, Lua, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, 3D printing, movie making and interstitials, soldering, graphic design, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, command blocks and more.