March 23 - Forgotten Women in Science


On Wednesday, March 23 at 7p, CS Professor Anita Wasilewska will participate in the talk, Forgotten Women in Science: Remembering the Past, Looking Toward the Future

Join Prof. Wasilewska in Tabler Black Box Theater as inspirational scientists talk about their favorite forgotten women scientists, and participate in a panel discussion on issues facing women in STEM fields today. Opening remarks will be given by Dr. Sacha Kopp, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Fellow panelists include Dr. Moira Chas, Grace Cheng, Dr. Glenda DeNicolo, Dr. Gillian Winters, Dr. Heidi Newberg, and  ​Dr. Elizabeth Boon. 

This is an ACH-for-Credit Event which is sponsored by the SBU Residence Hall Association and the Toscanini Hall Council. Refreshments will be served.  Space is limited so please RSVP to: