May 15 - Gaming Competition TONIGHT


Stony Brook University's 12th Annual Game Programming Competition is taking place May 15 th at 6pm in the SAC Auditorium. It's free and open to the public and everyone is encouraged to bring a friend, especially if you've never been able to join us before. See the the work done by our fellow Seawolves! Forty games were entered for consideration in this year's competition, below are the 12 selected finalists as well as our Seawolf judges. See you there!

Game Finalists:

  • Alien vs. Cop by Hamza Hussaini, Bo Liu, Zhengyang Liu
  • Dr. Bill's Jewel Heist Extravaganza by Andrew Fischl, Mike Sayan, Sabrina Wagner
  • Falling Simulator 2015 by Alice Quiros, Ryan Kelly 
  • Flow by Matt Lagueras, Michael Knoth 
  • FruitPlanet by Luis Manon, Brijesh Patel, Minghui Lin
  • Grapple Guy by Miraj Alam, Sean Dwyer, Bilawal Raja
  • Grocery Dash by Andrew Allhusen, Anthony Consoli, Warren Chen
  • Ninja Cat Castle by Dan Rogers, Ryota Shimamura, Michael Witkovsky
  • Orbital by Jesse Talavera-Greenberg 
  • Rundown by David Park 
  • Twisted Road by Alec Day, Billy Gibson, Danny Gibson
  • Valhalla Run by Tom Marion, William Moodhe 

Thank you to our event judges:

Don Baluyot - Rockstar Games

Martino Buffolino - Viacom/Nick Games

Yves DeSousa - Eduware

Paul Gifford - Applied Visions

Yousuf Haque - CA Technologies

Raman Nanda - Viacom/Nick Games

Brendan Rivers - Team Frizz

Evan Saft - Applied Visions

Meg Schedel - SBU Music Department

Angad Sidhu - Viacom/Nick Games

Alex Thomas - Applied Visions

Qazi Waseque - Megastorm Games

Rong Zhang - Viacom/Nick Games