Sept. 2 - Faculty Colloq & CSE 600 with Prasun Sinha, Ohio State

Join us at 2:30p in Room 120 of the New Computer Science building for the first faculty colloquium of the school year.

BASIC: Backbone-Assisted Successive Interference Cancellation

Abstract: To meet the growing demand for wireless data, it is time to move away from the age-old paradigm of prohibiting interfering nodes from transmissions. WiFi is still based on prohibiting nodes in which collisions and empty periods are wasted. We have developed a suite of solutions for high throughput uplink communication in managed wireless networks. In this talk I will focus on our latest design caled BASIC, a lightweight multi-user uplink transmission strategy that does not require tight synchronization or exchange of samples among nodes, which makes it an attractive alternative compared to its counterparts. BASIC generalizes the well known Successive Interference Cancellation technique. It exploits receiver diversity by controlling the data rates of the clients. Our trace-driven simulations show up to 4.8x gain in overall throughput.

Bio: Prasun Sinha is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State University. His interests are in the area of wireless networks. Prior to joining OSU he worked at Bell Labs, New Jersey. He holds a PhD from UIUC (2001), MS from Michigan State University (1997) and BTech from IIT Delhi (1995), all in Computer Science and Engineering.  He has won the Lumley Research Award at OSU in 2009 and the  NSF CAREER award in 2006.  During his graduate studies he won the Ray Ozzie Fellowship  (UIUC, 2000), the Mavis Memorial Scholarship (UIUC, 1999), and the Distinguished Academic Achievement Award (MSU, 1997).  

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