CodeSignal Ranks Stony Brook University #2 for Technical Skills


In CodeSignal’s 2023 University Ranking Report, Stony Brook University (SBU) ranked #2, between Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University, out of 50 national universities.  

CodeSignal, a technical interview and assessment platform, ranks students for their objective coding skills. They recommend that companies target overlooked schools and that focusing on talent over where candidates attend, provides a stronger and more diverse team. Noted as a “Key Finding” of the report, CodeSignal stated, “Stony Brook University, the #2 US school in our rankings, is not included in the US News & World Report’s top 30.” CodeSignal provides this list of schools to employers as potential recruiting sites.

In this 2023 report, SBU ranked higher than Yale University, Stanford, and Harvard. With over 2500+ students in the Department of Computer Science, many of SBU students go on to top tech companies. The top three employers for SBU computer science 2023 graduates were Amazon, IBM, and Bloomberg.

A recent survey of the SBU Class of 2023 revealed that the average starting salary for students graduating with an undergraduate degree in computer science was $84,570; master’s degree in computer science averaged starting salaries of $153,333 and PhD starting salaries averaged $203,750.   

CodeSignal aims to make the hiring process easier for employers and with over 70+ coding languages to choose from, it allows candidates to show their array of skills and knowledge.