Competitive Programming ICPC Selection Results

Prof. Chowdhury presents awards to winners
Prof. Chowdhury presents awards to winners

The Stony Brook University Competitive Programming Club (CompProg) is a student organization providing a place for anyone who is interested in algorithms and programming to learn and gain experience programming. They offer lectures, host speakers, and provide training sessions. Every year, CompProg hosts the ICPC Selection Contest where contestants are given eight algorithmic programming problems to solve in only three hours. Each problem involves real life situations that students have to solve. The problems involve data structures, implementations, combinatorics, and many more topics.

This academic year, Ze Tang, who was the overall champion, solved 5 out of the 8 problems with 221 penalty points (minutes). Tahsin Ahmed (undergraduate senior) won solving 5 out of the 8 problems with 340 penalty points and Nicholas Tarsis (undergraduate junior) won solving 4 out of the 8 problems with 417 penalty points. With each grade’s champions, there were also some honorable mentions. Jackie Xie, a senior solved 4 problems with 215 penalty points. Sai Phani Pallapothu, a graduate student, solved 4 problems with 241 penalty points. Akash Patil, a graduate student, solved 4 problems with 301 penalty points.

This competition would not be possible without the contributions of current and former members of CompProg. Club president Tanzir Pial and vice president Yimin Zhu worked tirelessly to make the event happen. The president and vice president along with two-time world finalist Tasnim Imran designed the problem set with their expertise. Along with Juarui Zhang and Kenny Zhang who were former CompProg members for helping out at the event. CompProg would like to thank all the student volunteers and faculty, especially Razaul Chowdhury, who have made this competition possible.

Congratulations to the champions and well done to the CompProg team!


-Kimberly Xiao