National Security Institute Set to Lead the Region in Cybersecurity Research and Development


Stony Brook, NY - November, 2013

Stony Brook University (SBU) officially established the National Security Institute (NSI) to research and develop technologies that will contribute to a secure homeland composed of resilient, trustworthy, and reliable communications and computing platforms.

Through an interdisciplinary research approach, NSI is poised to become a leader in cybersecurity research. Spanning multiple disciplines and with public-private collaboration, researchers will develop holistic socio-technological solutions for securing our highly-digital society. NSI will engage not only in research but also in the education of professionals involved in national defense, healthcare privacy, and regulatory policy. A comprehensive assurance education program will be established to train SBU students and engage colleagues from the corporate and academic communities. By leveraging the Institute’s strengths, a steady stream of successful security-centric technology startups will be generated.

NSI is part of a bold new initiative, undertaken as part of the New York SUNY 2020 Vision Plan, to hire more than 250 faculty members at SBU to expand research and teaching in emerging fields of study. According to Provost Dennis Assanis, the Department of Computer Science’s NSI proposal was selected for funding based on its “energy and scope” and potential to change the “intellectual atmosphere” on campus. During the next few years, NSI will recruit at least six new faculty members whose research interests span a wide spectrum of areas, including computing hardware security, cloud computing and distributed systems security, health technologies security, security and privacy on social networks, big data security and privacy, and regulatory compliance and policy.

Through the education of professionals, security technology development, business and policy creation, and raising awareness, NSI is set to lead the region in the field of cybersecurity. For more details, visit or emailinfo [at]

About Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University 
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