PhD Student Evan West is the first Nisha and Vinod Singhi Fellow

PhD Student Evan West is the first Nisha and Vinod Singhi Fellow
Pictured: Evan West, PhD Student

The Nisha and Vinod K. Singhi Graduate Fellowship was created by Vinod Singhi ‘83, an alumnus of Stony Brook University’s Department of Computer Science. The Singhi family created this generous fellowship to reciprocate the way that Vinod felt supported during his time at Stony Brook.

Through this fellowship, in May 2023, doctoral student Evan West was awarded $5,000 to support his education and research.  West is the first Singhi Fellow selected for the award.

“Evan is responsible, driven, fun to interact with, and he has grit. He is well rounded, with no weak points. He is a star, and I’m very fortunate to have him as my PhD student.” said his advisor, Michael Bender.

West’s main areas of research are algorithms and data structures for handling large quantities of data along with theory and practice of paging. Currently, he is working on machine-learning augmented algorithms for parallel paging which uses machine-learned advice to develop a highly efficient paging algorithm tailored for a shared cache.

“I am grateful to the Singhi family for the award. It will help me to continue my research into data structures, algorithms, and other enabling technologies to improve the performance of critical systems such as those used by cybersecurity experts.” said Evan West.

Congratulations to the first Nisha and Vinod Singhi Fellow, Evan West!