Shubham Jain Earns NSF CAREER Award for Wearable Device Research

Pictured: Prof. Shubham Jain (standing) with PhD students Tanmay Srivastava, and John MurzakuShubham Jain has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER) award. Jain will receive $550K over the next five years for the project Closed-loop Health Behavior Interventions in Multi-Device Environments.

Motivated by the disruption of face-to-face medical care, rising caregiver burden, and challenges in remote health behavior monitoring, Jain’s research focuses on developing assistive interventions in response to dynamically changing health behaviors. Wearable devices have become common among the general population and this research is an opportunity 

to navigate this complex ecosystem. By learning more about human behavior, it may be possible to deliver the right interventions at the right time. This work will develop foundational algorithms for processing multi-device multi-modal data rather than one-off solutions for targeting specific behavior modification.

Jain says, “My CAREER research has the potential to transform human health outcomes by capturing and responding to fine-grained behavioral information continuously, inexpensively, and unobtrusively.”

A human-in-the-loop system, which combines human intellect and interaction with artificial intelligence (AI), will facilitate rapid development of mHealth applications by providing the foundations for adaptive and personalized interventions that enable assistive care. Research outcomes will influence the foundations of multiple disciplines such as human movement sciences, social science, and medicine. Collaborators include partners from developmental disabilities, geriatrics, and biomechanics.

“Shubham is an early-career faculty in our department engaged in a number of research, educational, and outreach initiatives. This award will advance her research in developing cyber-physical systems to solve foundational real-world problems,” says department chair Samir Das.

The educational component of the CAREER award will engage students, ranging from high school to graduate levels. Students will be trained to interpret real-world data while learning fundamental principles of sensing and data analysis.

About Shubham Jain

Shubham Jain is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University where she leads the PiCASSo (Pervasive Computing and Smart Sensing) Lab. Her research interests lie in cyber-physical systems, mobile health, and data analytics in smart environments. Her work on pedestrian safety has been featured in several media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal. She received her PhD in electrical and computer engineering