Unparalleled Insight into Catchpoint: Growing Fast, Going Global


In today’s ever-expanding world of technology, the ability to interact in global enterprise via online or digital interfaces is increasingly vital. Being able to not only conduct business, but to receive detailed analytics on your business is becoming the market standard in a landscape dominated by computers and software. For leading companies that need insight into their businesses or digital enterprise, one company stands above all the rest: Catchpoint.   ​

Catchpoint Systems, Inc. is a Digital Performance Analytics company that prides itself on providing top notch analysis on customer-critical services, enabling businesses to continually deliver better customer experiences. In providing this service, Catchpoint is in a league of its own as the only end-user experience monitoring (EUEM) platform that can simultaneously capture, index, and analyze object-level performance data.

Currently, over 350 customers in more than 30 countries use Catchpoint to expand and improve their businesses. And those numbers are constantly rising. Catchpoint has recently added six new monitoring nodes in China, bringing their total in the country to an industry-leading 45. New nodes in Africa have expanded Catchpoint’s coverage into Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Botswana. Catchpoint has also recently added their first monitoring nodes in Tehran, Iran.

The company has many noteworthy real-world applications, as well. For example, they used their unparalleled analytics to test how certain news outlets’ websites perform during high-traffic incidents, such as the announcements of state primary winners in the Presidential election. Catchpoint’s services immensely aids these outlets by helping them determine what needs to be tweaked or fixed during these predictable spikes in web traffic. They also monitored how various online streams performed during their live broadcast of Super Bowl 50, which they determined was handled nearly perfectly. This is important feedback moving forward in the world of web streaming.

Catchpoint has many high-profile clients, including Google, Verizon, Comcast, and McGraw Hill Financial. They have over 150 employees and 7 locations, including offices in New York, London, Germany and India. Their employee base has grown 500% in less than four years and they currently have career opportunities in engineering, finance, people operations, and sales. If you are interested in getting involved with a dynamic, global company providing second-to-none analytics to major clients in an expanding field, look no further than Catchpoint Systems!

For more information on Catchpoint, visit their website or check out their recent Super Tuesday blog. ​