How to create a room reservation in Google Apps

  1. Create your event on your personal calendar and then edit the event.

  1. After filling out the Date, Time, and Description click to add Rooms using the tools on the right side of the Event Details Page.

  1. A list of available rooms will be shown. Click the twisty next to the room you want, then click link that says Add next to the room you wish to reserve. By adding a room the location details of the event will automatically be updated.

  1. The selected room will appear in the list of guests. Select Remove if you wish to change your selection.

  1. Save your event.


You must be subscribed to notifications from the calendar where you created the event. This allows you to see the responses of your guests and to see if your reservation has been accepted or rejected.

  1. In Google Calendar open the calendar options and select Reminders and notifications

  1. On the notifications page under Choose how you would like to be notified select the notifications you would like to receive. While all notification options are useful for different reasons you need to have notifications turned on for both New Events and Event Responses for the room reservation process to work correctly
  2. Save the settings.
  3. If you book a reservation in a room that is not occupied the room will automatically accept the reservation and hold the room for your event. Any other event that attempts to book during your reserved period will be automatically rejected.
  4. Your event should look similar to the following as long as you have both your calendar and the room calendar displayed.

Macintosh:Users:Chris:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.41.45 PM.png


  1. If, for any reason, the room Administrator needs to cancel your event you will receive an email similar to the one below where SystemStaff Calendar will be replaced with the room which you reserved.

Macintosh:Users:Chris:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.47.57 PM.png


  1. Your view of the calendar will look similar to this upon rejection:

Macintosh:Users:Chris:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.49.00 PM.png

  1. After the reservation is rejected it may be removed from the room calendar however it will not be removed from your personal calendar. Your details, invitations, schedule, and alerts will all remain the same. You can add another location, if available, using the same process as above.