Android Contacts and Google Contacts

Syncing your contacts

Your contacts are automatically synced when you first turn on your phone and sign into a Google Account, so make sure to add your Google Account to your Android device. Any existing contacts from that account are synced with your device.

After that, all your contacts automatically stay in sync, whether you make changes on your phone, from another device, or from any Web browser. The contact information on your device is also available in Gmail, Google Talk, Messenger, Phone, and other apps where it's useful. As you add contacts from different sources, they are synced automatically across all the places you need them.

Since contacts are automatically synced, if you delete a Google contact from your device, it will also be deleted from Google Contacts, which will also remove it from other places, such as Google Chat.

Importing Android contacts to Gmail

Android contacts are automatically synced to your Gmail account, so there’s no need to import them. You can find any contacts you’ve created on your device in your Gmail by following these steps:

  1. On your web version of Gmail, click Gmail on the left side of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts
  2. Click My contacts on the left side of the page

If you’ve starred favorite contacts on your Android device, find them in your Gmail contacts by clicking Starred in Android under My contacts.