We are now running MySQL Server in the Windows Lab. This is installed on MYSQL4 using the port 3306. The MySQL Query Browser client is installed on every machine.

To access MySQL in the Windows Lab and Remotely

Every student enrolled in a database course or working on a research project for a professor can receive a MySQL database userid exactly the same as their Windows/Network userids. The initial password of the database will be each student's 9-DIGIT STONY BROOK ID. Every account which is handed out has an empty database, the database/schema name and the database userid being the same unless specified otherwise.

You can access your database as follows:

  • Start the MySQL Workbench from the Programs Menu on your machine. If you are accessing MySQL from your personal machine, then we assume that MySQL workbench is installed. To download the workbench, follow this link: and choose the appropriate download for your OS platform.
  • Click on New Connection from SQL Development Module
  • Specify the server as ''  (fall 18 CSE308 section 2 students should use server)
  • Specify the port number as '3306'
  • Specify the Username as your Net ID (unless otherwise specified)
  • Specify your password as your SBID (unless otherwise specified)
  • Specify your Default Schema as your Username.
  • Click on OK.


Secure connection for MySQL is available on server for your projects. All the accounts by default are setup without SSL. Students can request for SSL by sending an email to RT AT CS DOT SUNYSB DOT EDU. Specify the subject line of 'MySQL' and in the body of the message specify your name, your course, account user ID and request for "require SSL” clearly.

Your account will be granted to only REQUIRE SSL, then using just --ssl-ca in the mysql parameters is sufficient. The client key and certificate are not needed, and you now have a secure connection. Client can connect securely by using just the --ssl-ca option.

For example:
mysql -u yourID -h -p --ssl-ca=path\to\ca-cert.pem

Click here to download ca-cert.pem file.(Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download this file.)

To connect using Workbench, create a New Connection. Choose the Standard (TCP/IP) connection type, and enter the username and password as normal. Click on the Advanced tab, check the "Use SSL if available" option, and enter the path to the ca-cert.pem file for the "SSL CA File" value. You can leave the other fields empty.