We are now running Oracle 11g (version server on Windows 2008, 64 bit virtual machine. The Oracle Client 11g is installed on every Translab and Gradlab machine. The JDBC drivers to connect to the Oracle Server are also installed in the corresponding client directories. There are namely 2 drivers classes12.jar and ojdbc14.jar available for connection to the database. If you 're using a version of jdk1.4.2 or later the driver ojdbc14.jar should be specified in the JDBC connect string.

Basic connection information to connect to an Oracle database is as follows:

  • Database username (schema): <your NetID>
  • Database password: <Your 9-digit Stony Brook ID prefixed with keyword 'orcl' e.g orcl324096789 >
  • Database service name (SID): STU
  • Hostname:
  • Listener Port: 1522