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It is extremely important to be properly registered by the "Snapshot" date. This means that you must be registered for a correct number of credits, which can be 12, 9, or less, depending on the number of graduate credits that you have accumulated so far. Summer registration has its own rules. 

For academic year registration for full-time students, the rules are as follows:

  1. G1, G3 students: 12 credits/semester

  2. G2, G4 students: 9 credits/semester
  3. G5 students: A G5 student would normally register for 9 credits of CSE 699, CSE 700 or CSE 701, as appropriate. It is possible to replace part of these 9 credits by a regular course. However, this requires prior approval of the Graduate Director. 

Are there any rules for the registration?

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