All travel reimbursements (RF/SBF/state) must be submitted through the Concur travel system.

The Concur Travel System can quickly and efficiently submit your travel pre-approval request.  Instructions can be found here:

To use Concur you will need: 

  1. Your 9-digit SBU ID No. 
  2. Your Net ID and Net ID password 
  3. To know the funding source (RF or State) and budget account number you will be traveling on

Sign onto using your 9-digit SBU ID No. followed by “” (

For pre-approval requirements:

  • For State-Funded Travel and Non-Sponsored Research Travel: All domestic and international travel requires pre-approval, which can be requested through the Concur system. 
  • For Sponsored Research Travel: No pre-approval is required for domestic travel. International travel requires pre-approval by utilizing the Electronic Foreign Travel Request portal (eFTR). 

For assistance, please contact the Travel & Expense Team:

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