How to reset my Computer Science account password with React


  1. Changing your account password affects the following services: 
    • Computer Science Microsoft Windows Lab and Office Computer Logins
    • All Current email systems that are managed by the Computer Science System Staff
    • CS-Secure Wireless Authentication
  2. Changing your account password will not affect the following services
    • Your Stony Brook University NetID
      • Campus Computer Logins outside of the Department of Computer Science
        • SINC Sites
        • TLT managed Classroom
      • Stony Brook University MyCloud Google Apps
      • WolfieNet-Secure
    • Your SOLAR ID Password


How to reset your Computer Science Account Password

  1. Visit the react webpage at
  2. Click Go to Reset Tool under Password Reset
  3. To log into the system enter your Computer Science Username in the box labeled ReACTXX ID and click Continue
  4. You will now need to authenticate your account by either logging into the system with your current Computer Science Username and password or by sending an email to the email address registered to the department. You can update your profile at a later date to allow you to reset your password with additional email addresses, SMS text messages, or Challenge Questions.
    You can select:
    1. Authenticate with Active Directory Credentials
      1. Enter your Computer Science Username and password
    2. Authenticate with E-Mail
      1. Select the email address you wish to authenticate with and select Send Code
      2. Check your email for a verification pin code and enter it into the React system

  5. Enter and confirm your new password. Your password must meet the following criteria:
    1. Be between 8 and 14 characters long
    2. Be different from your last 6 Computer Science Passwords
    3. Contain at least one:
      • Uppercase Letter
      • Lowercase Letter
      • Number

  6. Click Reset
  7. Review the confirmation page and click Finish