Allen Tannenbaum

Allen Tannenbaum
Distinguished Professor

Department of Computer Science
Room 137
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2424

(631) 632-8654
arobertan [at]


Computational computer vision, image processing, medical imaging, computer graphics, control, mathematical systems theory, control of semiconductor fabrication processes, robotics, operator theory, functional analysis, algebraic geometry, di erential geometry, invariant theory, and partial differential equations.


Allen Tannenbaum is affiliated with the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics​. He obtained his Ph.D. from Harvard University.


Allen Tannenbaum research focuses on Medical image analysis; computer vision; image processing; systems and control; controlled active vision; mathematical systems theory; bioinformatics; computer graphics.


Allen Tannenbaum is a recipient of the Phi beta kappa, Kennedy Research Prize (Weizmann Institute), NSF Research Initiation Award, O. Hugo Schuck Award and many more.