Ting Wang

Ting Wang
SUNY Empire Innovation Associate Professor
(814) 865-0988
twang [at] cs.stonybrook.edu


Machine Learning, Privacy, Security, Artificial Intelligence


Ting Wang is an Empire Innovation Associate Professor at Stony Brook University and a part-time research scientist at Meta. He was previously an Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State. He received his doctoral degree from Georgia Tech and finished his undergrad study at Zhejiang University (China).


Ting Wang conducts research at the interface of machine learning, privacy, and security. He directs the Algorithmic Learning, Privacy, and Security (ALPS) Lab. The overarching goal of his research is to maximize the practical impact of artificial intelligence (AI) by bridging technological advances and transformative applications. His recent work focuses on improving AI technologies along three major thrusts:

  • Security Assurance – resilient against malicious manipulations
  • Privacy Preservation – respectful for individual privacy
  • Decision-Making Transparency – interpretable to human perception.