Byungkon Kang
Research Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science
SUNY Korea (Rm B421)
119 Songdo Moonhwa-Ro, Yeonsu-Gu
Incheon, Korea 21985

Machine learning, Data mining, Natural language processing

Byungkon Kang completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at KAIST after receiving his B.Sc. from UT Austin. Upon graduation, he became a full-time researcher at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, where he worked on medical image analysis and natural language understanding. After leaving Samsung, he held a research professor position at Ajou University before joining SUNY Korea.


Byungkon Kang's research focuses on developing and modeling algorithms for a variety of machine learning problems.


In particular, his current domain of interest is learning representations (in the form of vector embedding) for various objects such as natural languages, images, and bio-medical data.



Another branch of research is about deep generative models, where he studies and exploits neural network architectures that efficiently model joint probability distributions of data.



In addition to these current topics, his past research interests include reinforcement learning and stochastic planning.


Teaching Summary
CSE 353, CSE 512