Tuncay Tekle
Tuncay Tekle
Research Assistant Professor
+1 (347) 688 6229
tuncay [at] cs.stonybrook.edu
High-level programming languages and efficient implementations. High-quality code that is reliable, fast, and maintainable. Query optimization and complexity analysis. Algorithm design and generation of efficient algorithms from specifications. Utilizing research and hands-on expertise to make software better in the retail industry.

Tuncay Tekle received his PhD in Computer Science from Stony Brook University in 2010


Main researcher of the following projects:

  • Development of a method for automatic time and space complexity analysis for on-demand evaluation of Datalog queries in tabled top-down evaluation engines.
  • Development of a method for bottom-up evaluation of Datalog queries to achieve the same complexity as on-demand evaluation.
  • Establishment of the precise relationship of on-demand evaluation and bottom-up evaluation of Datalog queries.
  • Development of a novel combination of transformations for generating efficient implementations of graph queries for querying programs.
  • Development of a method for generating specialized rules and programs from Datalog rules for on-demand analysis with respect to queries.
  • Implementation of these transformations and analyses in Python, and interfacing the implementation with the XSB logic programming system.
Graduate Fellowship, Computer Science Department, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2005.
Graduated with High Honors, Sabancı University, 2005.
Merit Scholarship, Sabancı University, 2001-2005.