3D Scanning Lab

Location CEWIT 215
Mission Development of 3D scanning techniques. Development of computational conformal geometric theories and algorithm and applied for computer graphics, computer vision, geometric modeling, networking and medical imaging.

Among projects are:


1. 3D geometric acquisition method based on phase shifting fringe structured light method
2.  Manifold splines in geometric modeling
3.  Dynamic surface tracking and registration with large deformations   
4.  Global surface parameterization
5.  Meta-material design/surface fabrication based on conformal geometry
6.  Virtual colonoscopy/conformal brain mapping
7.  Geometric routing for wireless sensor networks
8.  Facial expression Capture 


Students can capture 3D shapes, process geometric data and replicate using 3D printing. Research efforts focus on establishing discrete geometric theories , digital geometric algorithms and applications in engineering and medical fields. 

Director(s) Xianfeng Gu
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