File-Systems and Storage Lab

Location NCS-336
Mission Perform research in operating systems including: file systems and storage, security, and networking. An emphasis is placed on balancing system security, performance, and usability; improving portability of operating system code; and improving programmer and system administrator productivity.

Among the projects are: 

  • FiST: A language for stackable file systems ported to Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD. FiST allows incremental file system development, without requiring an in-depth knowledge of kernel internals. A Windows NT port is under way.
  • CoSy: Compound System Calls, a method of aggregating multiple system calls into a single system call. This reduces data copies and context switches. Initial results show promising performance improvements.
  • NCryptfs: A next-generation cryptographic file system, which balances security, convenience, and performance.
  • Elastic Quotas: A novel disk-space management method, which allows users to temporarily exceed their storage quota.
  • Versionfs: A stackable versioning file system, with support for powerful version storage and retention policies. Versionfs provides online backup and restore capabilities, with low overhead.
Coordinator Erez Zadok
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