Specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The specialization in artificial intelligence and data science emphasizes modern approaches for building intelligent systems using machine learning. It requires four courses selected from the list below. The four courses must include at least two core courses. Students may declare their participation in the specialization after completing two core courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

1. Core Courses

  1. CSE 351 Introduction to Data Science
  2. CSE 352 Artificial Intelligence
  3. CSE 353 Machine Learning
  4. CSE 357 Statistical Methods for Data Science

2. Electives

  • CSE 323 Human-Computer Interaction
  • CSE 327 Fundamentals of Computer Vision
  • CSE 332 Introduction to Visualization
  • CSE 337 Scripting Languages
  • CSE 354 Natural Language Processing
  • CSE 371 Logic
  • CSE 378 Introduction to Robotics
  • CSE 390-394 Special Topics in Computer Science*
  • CSE 487 Research in Computer Science* 

*Special topic or research project must be in artificial intelligence or data science.