Academic Advising

Computer Science majors are encouraged to seek advice from their advisor whenever they have questions about their progress, grades or courses. The sources for advice are: The undergraduate secretary, the undergraduate program advisors, and the Computer Science or Information Systems program directors.

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please email

Students with questions about Honors Program or Specializations may see the appropriate program director.

Any questions about non-CSE major requirements (eg. SBCs), should be directed to the CEAS Undergraduate Advising Office.

Undergraduate Office: 101 New Computer Science

 Computer Science Curriculum Revisions Fall 2018

 Online Petition 

Department Petitions are now handled via an online form. For any petition requests which can not be addressed via the online form, see an academic advisor to discuss your concerns.

 CSE Program Advisors

Kevin McDonnell (CSE Undergraduate Program Director)
Office: New Computer Science, Room 212
Office Hours: See for days and times

Paul Fodor (CSE Undergraduate Program Adviser)
Office Hours: See for days and times


 ISE Program Advisor

Ahmad Esmaili (ISE Undergraduate Program Director)
Office: New Computer Science, Room 210
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11:00am  on Zoom: