Minors in Computer Science

The minor in Computer Science is open to all students not majoring in either Computer Science or Information Systems or minoring in Information Systems. To declare the minor in Computer Science, students must complete CSE 114 and either CSE 214 or CSE 215 with grades of C or higher. The minor requires seven CSE courses totaling 22 to 24 credits as outlined below. Students who have declared the minor should see a Computer Science Undergraduate Advisor to discuss a suitable selection of Computer Science electives.

  1. CSE 114 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  2. CSE 214 Data Structures
  3. CSE 216 Programming Abstractions or CSE 220 Systems Fundamentals I
  4. Four additional courses that are part of the CSE major, including three upper division CSE courses totaling at least nine credits (but excluding CSE 300, CSE 312, CSE 475, CSE 487, CSE 488).  Note: CSE 301 can not be used as a technical elective for the minor.

Note: Each of these courses must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.