Computer Security Specialization at the B.S. Level


1. Core Courses

a. CSE 310 OR     
CSE 346

Data Communication and Networks OR Computer Communications      

3 credits

b. CSE 306 OR
CSE 376

Operating Systems OR Advanced Systems Programming in UNIX/C

3 credits

c. CSE 331

Computer Security Fundamentals

3 credits

d. CSE 360 OR     
CSE 361 OR     
CSE 362 OR     
CSE 363

Software Security OR Web Security OR Mobile Security OR Offensive Security

3 credits


2. Electives

          At least two of the following courses (6 credits)

CSE 305    

Principles of Database Systems

CSE 306

Operating Systems

CSE 315

Database Transaction Processing Systems

CSE 336

Internet Programming

CSE 360 

Software Security

CSE 361

Web Security

CSE 362

Mobile Security

CSE 363

Offensive Security 

CSE 375


CSE 376

Advanced Systems Programming in UNIX/C


3. Project Requirement: Completion of either CSE 487 Research in Computer Science or CSE 495CSE 496 Senior Honors Research Projects I, II, on a topic in computer security. The project may not be applied towards the requirements of another specialization.