Game Programming Specialization at the B.S. Level

The specialization in game programming prepares students for a career as either a professional game developer or researcher. Game graphics and multiplayer network programming techniques are stressed. The specialization also emphasizes original game development, game design methodology, and team projects and presentations. Students may declare their participation in the specialization after completing two core courses.

1. Core Courses

a. CSE 306     

Operating Systems

b. CSE 328      

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

d. CSE 380

2D Game Programming

e. CSE 381

3D Game Programming


2. Two electives from the following:

CSE 327  

Fundamentals of Computer Vision

CSE 331

Computer Security Fundamentals

CSE 332

Introduction to Visualization

CSE 334

Introduction to Multimedia Systems

CSE 352

Artificial Intelligence

CSE 353

Machine Learning

CSE 355

Computational Geometry

CSE 364

Advanced Multimedia Techniques

CSE 376

Advanced Programming in UNIX/C

CSE 378

Introduction to Robotics


3. Project

Completion of CSE 487 Research in Computer Science or CSE 488 Internship in Computer Science or CSE 495/CSE 496 Senior Honors Research Project I, II, on a topic in game programming. The project may not be applied towards the requirements of another specialization.

Note: Students specializing in Game Programming are encouraged to complete the natural science sequence in physics.




Last updated on 01/19/2018