Course CSE370
Title Wireless and Mobile Networking
Credits 3
Course Coordinator

Samir Das


The fundamentals of wireless communication. Link, network and transcript layer protocols for wireless and mobile networking. Cellular networks. Wireless LANs. Wireless multihop networks. Mobile applications.

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CSE 310 or 346; CSE major

Course Outcomes
  • An understanding of why mobility makes network protocol design complex
  • An understanding of the characteristics of wireless channels
  • Working knowledge of existing related technologies
  • An ability to design and evaluate network protocols

  • Mobile Communications, Jochen Schiller, Addison Wesley, 2000
  • Principles of Wireless Networks, Pahlavan and Krishnamurthy, Prentice Hall, 2002

Major Topics Covered in Course
  • Motivation/need for mobile network access. Fundamental technical issues. (1 week)
  • Radio propagation modeling and physical layer issues (2 weeks)
  • Multiple access protocols - TDMA, FDMA, CDMA. (1 week)
  • Random access protocols - Aloha and CSMA (2 weeks)
  • Wireless LANs (2 weeks)
  • Routing layer protocols. IP mobility. Ad hoc network routing. (2 weeks)
  • TCP on wireless networks (1 week)
  • Cellular networks fundamentals. Channel assignment. (2 weeks)
  • Building mobile applications. Disconnected operations (1 week)

Laboratory Projects

4 week long simulation-based projects evaluating mobile/wireless networking protocols.

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