Computing Labs


TEACHING AND PRACTICE  LABS​ (Last updated July 2023)

Lab Location Mission Platform Details
Multimedia Lab CS 2204-2205 Provides state-of-the-art systems and tools to teach students about multimedia systems (audio, animation, 3D, video, and graphics integrated into a production).

Mac OS X

Access to the laboratory is primarily for students taking multimedia courses.
Advanced Programming Lab CS 2114/2115 Provide the systems and tools required to support upper division undergraduate courses in areas as: Visualization, Graphics, User Interfaces and Software Engineering.

Microsoft Windows 10

40 Windows PC, Projector, audio used for teaching and recitation
Programming Techniques Teaching Lab CS 2131/2129 Introduce students to programming practice and techniques as they exist in the "real world". The Lab is also the primary Computer Lab for "hands-on" testing. 

Microsoft Windows 10

Access to the laboratory is primarily for students taking Computer Science courses.
2120 Teaching Lab CS 2120 Equipped with 81 top of the line computers and projectors will enable students and faculty to collaborate efficiently. The computers Internet connections are wireless. 

Microsoft Windows 10

Access to the laboratory is primarily for students taking Computer Science courses. 

Systems Lab
CS 2128

The goal of the lab is to give hands on experience with systems and networking including making network cables, setting up various systems and network configurations that students may encounter in their professional life.


20 work groups with: 3 Ubuntu Linux laptop (1 Dual boots Linux/Windows 10 pro), 1 Dual boot tower (Linux/Windows 10 pro) tower PC with wired/wireless device, Windows 10 pro) tower PC with wired/wireless connectivity, 1 Imac with OSX, 1 MacMini M1 with wired/wireless connectivity 2 wired router/firewall devices, 1 wireless router, 1 configurable network switch, 1 basic net switch. Dedicated lab wireless, 3 dedicated wired networks, Internet access, tools to make and test network cables and computer systems, Projector and sound, 6 VmWare servers

115 Teaching Lab

NCS 115

Equipped with 35 top of the line computers and projectors will enable students and faculty to collaborate efficiently. The computers Internet connections are wired. 

Microsoft Windows 10

Access to the laboratory is primarily for students taking Computer Science courses.