Installing the HP Laserjet MFP E62665 Copiers on MacOS.

**If you have upgraded to MacOS Sonoma you are required to put in your CS username without CS\**
**If printing has stopped working after upgrading to Sonoma, goto Keychain and delete the credentials for the printer. The next time you print you will be prompted to enter new credentials and can do so without using CS\ in front of the username**

1. Install the driver by connecting to a department share by using the following instructions.

   1A. Open Finder, Click Go and click Connect to Server

   1B. Next to Server Address, enter “smb://” and click on Connect.

   1C. When prompted for credentials you need to enter your CS account username/password. The format for the username is “cs\username”. You can save your credentials to your keychain for later use.

   1D. Click on the HP Folder and then click on the MacOS Driver Folder.

   E. Copy the driver package to your local machine and install.

2. Open System Preferences and click on Printers and Scanners. Click on the “+” button.


3. Add the Advanced Icon to your toolbar if it does not already exist. Press the Control key and Click empty gray space on the toolbar. Select Customize Toolbar.

   3A. Drag the Advanced icon to your toolbar and click done.

4. Click on Advanced. Make sure the Type is “Windows printer via spoolss” and the URL is set to either “smb://” for the copier in NCS142 or “smb://” for the copier in NCS356. Enter the appropriate Name that you wish to call the printer.Click Choose Driver, and then click Select Software and choose the “HP Laserjet E62655-E62675” driver. Click the Add button to install the machine.

5. Select the drop down box for Tray 3 and select HP 500-Sheet Input Tray. Select the drop down box for Tray 4 and select HP 2000-Sheet Input Tray. Select the drop down box for HP 3-Bin Stapler/Stacker and select Stacker mode. Click Ok to complete the installation.

** You can use the following printer names to connect to any ** printer in the CS department using this method. Graduate Students have the ability to print to PR356-HP Only.