Tips on Getting Started

Your password will be your Windows domain password in the department. This password can be reset at

Students: If you have never logged in the Windows domain (same as Graduate Windows Lab, Building Classrooms, Podium workstations, and Transaction Lab), then your initial password was mailed to you at the beginning of the semester.

Faculty: Login information will be the same as it was for Exchange

You can simply access your email using the Gmail Web Interface by going to

All your emails to the username [at] and username [at] addresses will be forwarded to Google Apps.

Emails detected as SPAM will be directly put into the SPAM folder in your mailbox (accessible via Web interface, IMAP, or Outlook).

Users have plenty of storage on through the Google Apps Service (30GB combined for Google Mail and Google Drive) and do not need to worry about deleting their emails. Gmail provides ‘archiving’ by default which allows you to remove messages from your inbox but keep them stored in the cloud for search and retrieval at a later time.

Your existing emails will automatically be moved to Google Apps. Contacts and Calendars will also migrate however due to a difference in storage and formatting they may require manual manipulation to appear the way they did under the Exchange system.

Special care needs to be especially taken when it comes to reoccurring events as their migration poses more possibilities for mismatching data.

Complete Exchange functionality can be experienced using the following clients

Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 on Windows

Outlook 2011 on Mac

Gmail Web Interface using the 2 most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Linux

Mac Mail on Mac

Most mobile devices with Gmail or IMAP support (Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, and others)

Limited functionality can be experienced using the following clients

Outlook Express on Windows

Mac Mail on Mac (10.5 or lower)

Thunderbird 3.0+ on Windows or Linux (using add-ons and LDAP)

Other email clients

Please send email to rt [at] (RT) if you have any questions or require further assistance.