Installing the the Toshiba E-Studio 5516AC Copier on Linux.

1. Install the driver
**Make sure smbclient is installed. You can run “sudo apt-get install smbclient” to download and install the package if needed.**

  1A. Open Files and Click Connect to Server
  1B. Next to Server Address, enter “smb://” and click on Connect.
 1C. When prompted for credentials you need to enter your CS account username/password. The format for the username is “cs\username”. You will also be required to enter the domain which is “”.

  1D. Click on the Toshiba folder and then click on the Linux Folder. Copy the file to your local machine and extract the two files (est6550_Authentication and Toshiba_ColorMFP_CUPS.ppd) to your desktop.

  1E. Open up terminal and run the following command “sudo cp ~/Desktop/est6550_Authentication /usr/lib/cups/filter

2. Open up System Settings and click on Printers.

3. Click on the Additional Printer Settings button.

4. Click on Add.

5. Expand Network Printer and select Windows Printer via SAMBA. Next to smb:// type in “” for the copier in NCS203H or “” for the copier in NCS254. Select the option “Set Authentication details now”. Enter your Windows/Gmail credentials (cs\username and Password). Click on forward when done.

6. Select Provide PPD File and browse to your desktop where you saved the file ”Toshiba_ColorMFP_CUPS.ppd” in step 1. Click forward.

7. Select the drop down box for Model Selection and select TOSHIBA e-STUDIO7516ACSeries. Select the drop down box for Finisher and select Finisher (2 Trays +1 Fixed Tray). Select the drop down box for Hole Punch Unit and select 2/3 Holes. Select the drop down box for Drawers and select Drawer 1,2 & Drawer 3,4. Select the drop down box for External LCF and select Installed. Click Ok to complete the installation.

8. Enter the appropriate Name that you wish to call the printer. Click Apply to finish the installation

** You can use the following printer names to connect to any ** printer in the CS department using this method. Graduate Students have the ability to print to PR356-HP Only.