Compiler Package Not Installed

When I try to compile my C program on the Suns I get a "package not found" error.

Solaris Compilers

/usr/local/pkg/SUNWspro/bin/cc is the Sun Microsystems Inc. C compiler.

To use the Sun C Compiler, add /usr/local/pkg/SUNWspro/bin to your execution path *before* /usr/ucb:

set path = (/usr/local/pkg/SUNWspro/bin $path)

Add /usr/local/pkg/SUNWspro/man to your MANPATH:

setenv MANPATH /usr/local/pkg/SUNWspro/man:$MANPATH

Other compilers available in the Sun bundle are: 
Fortran 77 f77 
Fortran 90 f90 
Fortran 95 f95 

The full development environment is called "sunstudio", "man sunstudio" for information. To launch the IDE first set the JDK_HOME environment variable:

setenv JDK_HOME /usr/local/pkg/jdk

then use the command "sunstudio". There is full documentation on-line within the workshop environment.

There is also an OSF/Motif user interface builder called "visu".
The GNU C compilers are available as /usr/local/bin/gcc and /usr/local/bin/g++.