Obtaining Mathematica or Maple for Personal Use

How can a CS Department member obtain Mathematica or Maple for personal use?

The following is a new process developed by Wolfram Research for faculty and staff of licensed campuses to use to obtain a home-use Mathematica license:

To facilitate the process for faculty and staff requesting a Mathematica home-use license, Wolfram Research has created a Home-Use License Request Form, which is available online at http://www.wolfram.com/solutions/highered/homeuse.cgi. The only information the Mathematica campus license manager and technical coordinator will need to provide faculty/staff is the Mathematica site license number.

Faculty and Staff can also use this form to request an upgrade or renewal for an existing faculty/staff home-use license. Please note that this form should not be used for student home-use license requests.

When a request is received, Wolfram verifies that the applicant is a current faculty/staff member of your organization and in a department that is covered by your license program.

Each individual approved for a home-use license is issued a unique license number and sent a CD-ROM containing a single-machine version of Mathematica for the platform requested. Each home-use license expires annually in conjunction with your organization's campus license. Upgrades are free asthey are released, but each home-use license holder must request them from Wolfram Research by filling out this form. Certain restrictions of use apply, so please refer to your organization's home-use license agreement for details.

Students can purchase Mathematica in Seawolves for $5.

Maple is also available through a campus site license. Faculty should submit a RT request to obtain a copy and students can purchase it for $5 in Seawolves. You will need to submit a RT job in order to receive the necessary activation codes to install the software.