Running Windows Applications Under Unix

How can I run Windows applications on my Unix machine?

Use the winnt command to launch a Windows session on your Unix box. Below are answers to some common questions.

  1. What software applications are available?
    Microsoft Office, including Access, Excel, Frontpage, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, Word, Adobe Photoshop, NetShield VirusScan

  2. How do I use it?
    Run the command /usr/local/bin/winnt Log in using your department username and password.

  3. Where do I save/retrieve files from?
    Your Unix home directory is mounted as the H: drive.

  4. Can I cut and paste between Unix applications and Microsoft applications?
    Yes. From Unix to Microsoft, use your usual method to select the text on the Unix side, then select "Paste" from the menubar of the Microsoft application. From Microsoft to Unix, select the text on the Microsoft side, then select "Copy" or "Cut" as required from the menubar of the application, then use your usual method to insert the text on the Unix side.

  5. I don't like the size and/or location of the Windows window on my Unix machine, can I change it?
    Yes. The startup command (winnt) will take a -geometry option to specify the startup size and location. The format is: winnt -geometry widthxheight+-xpos+-ypos For example, the command winnt -geometry 200x200+0-0 will start Windows in a 200 pixel square window in the bottom left corner of your screen.

  6. How do I get files from/to the floppy drive on my workstation?
    Using the Unix File Manager or mtools copy the file to your home directory which is mounted as the h: drive in your Windows session.

Other Ways to access Windows files Under Unix:

  1. PCFileViewer
    PCFileViewer will allow you to view a Microsoft document. Usage: /usr/local/bin/sdtpcv filename Note that it does not have a print or edit feature. 

  2. Qvpunix 
    Qvpunix will allow you to view a Microsoft document and includes an option to print on any of the department printers. Usage:/usr/local/bin/qvpunix filename 

  3. StarOffice
    StarOffice is a Unix version of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. It allows you to read, write and edit Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and so forth, on your Unix workstation.