Every student taking a course in the Computer Science Department is issued a CS-ID. This ID will work for as long as you are enrolled in a CS course. Your CS-ID will enable you to access the many resources offered to CS students. You will receive your CS-ID in an email the first time you enroll in a CSE/ISE course. Outlined below, you will find a list of resources offered by the CS department.

  • Room Access: All Computer Science students will have access to room 2126 and room 106. Room 2126 uses a 5-digit access code which is provided to you when you receive your initial credentials via email. You will use your Computer Science credentials (CS-ID) to log into the machines in these rooms. Below you will find FAQs related to accessing CS rooms.​ ​                                                          https://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/about-us/csintranet/labs 

  • WiFi AccessYour CS credentials will be used to login and access the CS_Secure wireless network. Instructions on how to sign into the network can be found in the FAQ section listed below.    https://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/about-us/csintranet/faqs#local

  • G-Suite (CSE/ISE Majors)​: All CSE/ISE majors will also be issued a CS G-suite account. This will provide you access to Google Apps that includes, but are not limited to, Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar. Below you will find FAQs related to accessing G-Suite Apps. ​   https://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/about-us/csintranet/faqs#ga

  • Remote Access: While outside the department network, you will be able to use your CS credentials to access departmental resources. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the FAQ listed below.​                                                                                                                               https://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/about-us/csintranet/faqs/Remote-Desktop-Web-Access

  • VMware ESXi Infrastructure​Student enrolled in specific CSE/ISE courses may be required to use the Computer Science departments VMware infrastructure. This infrastructure uses your CS-ID and password to access your resources.

  • Gitlab​: Specific courses may use the department's Gitlab servers. These servers require the use of your CS-ID and password.