Set up Google Apps as a new account in Thunderbird

  1. Confirm that IMAP is enabled for your SBCS Google Apps account.
  2. In the Thunderbird menu go to Options à Account Settings
  3. Under Account Options select Add Mail Account…
  4. Enter your name, Computer Science Email Address, and password
  5. Click Continue, but note the configuration may fail… this is okay.
  6. Manually enter the configuration settings in the Mail Account Setup dialogue box
    1. Incoming
      1. Protocol: IMAP
      2. Server:
      3. Port: 993
      4. SSL: SSL/TLS
      5. Authentication: Normal Password
    2. Outgoing
      1. Server:
      2. Port: 465/587
      3. SSL: SSL/TLS
      4. Authentication: Normal Password
    3. Username: your fully justified Stony Brook Computer Science Email Address.


  1. Click Re-Test.
  2. Click Done. It may take some time for Thunderbird to synchronize your emails.