SSH Tunneling Under Mac

How do I setup ssh tunneling under Mac?

This page shows you how to setup a tunnel to intrawww from your home machine. You can repeat this procedure for any other tunnel setup.

  1. Start up Mac SSH.
  2. Under Favorites, select "Edit Favorites", then "New".
    1. Under the "General" tab, fill in
      1. Alias: tunnel to intrawww
      2. Hostname:
    2. Under the "Security" tab, verify that SSH2 is selected as the protocol.
    3. Under "Method" select "local TCP port forward".
      1. Then fill in:
        Localport: 7000
        Remote host:
        Remote port: 80
  3. Click OK 2X to finish.
  4. From the main menubar, under "Favorites", select this alias you have just created "tunnel to intrawww". Fill in your username and password as prompted.
  5. Now start Netscape on your local machine. Go to URL
  6. Select the software or license file you want for download.