SSH Tunneling Under Unix

How do I set up SSH tunneling under Unix?

The following steps will enable you to set up an encrypted tunnel with SSH which you can then use to retrieve your mail from the department POP server, and also to send out mail securely from your remote location.

Step 1 - Create the tunnel

On your local Unix machine, enter the following command:
ssh -L -L username [at]
where username is your department username. Please note: The above command is a single line command.

Complete the login to compserv1 as prompted and leave it alone. When you exit the tunnels will be broken down.

Step 2 - Configure your mail client

Within Netscape, for example, you will go to Edit->Preferences->Mail & Newsgroups->Mail Servers->Incoming Mail Servers->Add

Add a popmail server called localhost:10110

Under Mail Servers->Outgoing mail (SMTP) server enter localhost:10025

With any other mail client you must find where you specify the incoming and outgoing server names, they will always be localhost:10110 for incoming and localhost:10025 for outgoing.