How do I run StarOffice?

StarOffice is a Unix version of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. It allows you to read, write and edit Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and so forth, on your Unix workstation.

To run Staroffice 6.0 for the first time, do the following:

  • cd /usr/local/pkg/staroffice/program
  • ./setup
  • In the 'Installation Program for StarOffice 6.0' window click "Next"
  • In the 'Important Information' window click "Next" In the 'Software License Agreement' window click "Accept"
  • If this is your first time using Staroffice, you will be presented with a 'Enter User Data' screen. The data entered here will be used as defaults by some applications, for example, in templates for letters and faxes. You can fill out whichever fields you like or leave them all blank. When you are finished, click "Next".
  • If you have a previous version of StarOffice installed then a window will pop up to 'Import Personal Data' - click "Next".
  • In the 'Select Installation Type' window select 'Workstation Installation' and click "Next".
  • In the Select Installation Directory window you can either accept the default suggestion, which should be ~/staroffice6.0, or use the 'Browse' button to select an alternate directory.
  • Click "Yes" after being asked to create the directory.
  • In the 'Start Copying' window click "Install".
  • In the 'Java Setup' window click on the "Browse" button, double click on "pkg" in the list presented in the box to the left, click on "j2re1.4.0_01", and then click "OK". The window will change to read 'Already Installed'. Click "OK". In the 'Installation completed window' click Complete.

You will now have a staroffice6.0 directory in the top level of your home directory, (or wherever you chose to put it). Run ~/staroffice6.0/soffice to launch StarOffice.