Using PGP

How do I use PGP?

PGP is in /usr/local/bin, make sure it is in your path with "which pgp".

To generate a key pair: pgp -kg ;Accept the defaults, and choose the level of security you want. Use your email address in the form user [at] for your user ID.

To extract your own public key into a file: pgp -kx <your_pgp_userid> <keyfilename>

To add someone's public key to your keyring: pgp -ka <keyfilename>

To encrypt a file: pgp -seat <filename> <pgp_userid_of_recipient> ;This will produce a file called filename.asc suitable for inclusion in an email message.

To decrypt a file: pgp <filename>

To view the keys on your keyring: pgp -kv

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