How do I use Xwin32 to connect from outside of the CS dept network?

XWin32 now has an integrated SSH client which you must use if connecting from off campus, cablevision, or verizon.

Go to "Start" -> "All Programs" -> "X-Win32 8.0" -> "X-Config".
You will get a new window titled "X-Win32 Configuration".
Select "My Sessions" and then select "Wizard" from the menu on the right side of the page.

You will get another new window called "X-Win32 Session Wizard".
In the "Name" field put a name for the profile you are creating. 
Select "StarNetSSH" from the "Type:" area then select "Next".

There will be a new window prompting for the host name to connect to. 
Enter the fully qualified name (eg. compserv1.cs.sunysb.edu), then select "Next".
In the new window enter your CS dept login and passwords then select "Next".

There will a new window which you will choose the OS of the remote system you are logging into. For the compservs (1-4) the correct choice is SunOS (Solaris). A "Command" will automatically be filled in for you (xterm -ls) however you may change this to one of your liking. Select finish and your new session will appear in the "X-Win32 Configuration" window under "My Sessions". In the future you can click on X-Win32 or the X-Win32 icon and then select the session you just setup to log into the remote system with an xterm displayed on your PC.

How do I get the software?

You can download the software from the University Liscensed Applications section of Softweb.

Where can I get more help if I need it?

Submit a detailing your issues with X-Win32.