Course CSE300
Title Technical Communications
Credits 3
Course Coordinator

Tony Scarlatos


Principles of professional technical communications for Computer Science and Information Systems majors. Topics include writing business communications, user manuals, press releases, literature reviews, and research abstracts. Persuasive oral communications and effective presentation techniques, to address a range of audiences, will also be covered. This course satisfies the upper-division writing requirement for CSE and ISE majors.

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Prerequisite WRT 102, CSE or ISE major, U3 or U4 standing
Course Outcomes
  • An ability to produce effective written communications and reports.
  • An ability to give effective oral presentations.
  • An ability to engage in continuing professional development.
Major Topics Covered in Course
  • Principles of effective writing
  • Business communications
  • Software reviews
  • User instructions
  • Project documentation
  • Press releases
  • Literature reviews
  • Research abstracts
  • Principles of persuasive presentations
  • Presentation media


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