Course CSE323
Title Human-Computer Interaction
Credits 3
Course Coordinator

Tony Scarlatos


A survey course designed to introduce students to Human-Computer Interaction and prepare them for further study in the specialized topics of their choice. Students will have the opportunity to delve deeper in the course through a course project, and through a two-three week special topic selected at the instructor's discretion. Course is cross-listed as CSE 323, EST 323 and ISE 323.

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Prerequisite Prerequisites: CSE 214 or CSE 230 or CSE 260 or ISE 208
Course Outcomes
  • An understanding of the terminology and methods used in HCI.
  • An understanding of users’ needs, requirements and abilities.
  • An understanding of the range of possibilities for human-computer interaction.
  • An ability to design applications and services that are user-centered.
  • Dan Saffer, Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices. Peachpit Press, 2006. ISBN: 0321432061
  • Supplementary Material: Gary Rosenzweig, ActionScript for Fun and Games. Que, 2002. ISBN: 0789727994
Major Topics Covered in Course
  • Approaches to HCI
  • HCI basics
  • Getting ideas
  • Design process
  • Interactivity: human-computer dialogs
  • Smart applications
  • Service design
  • The future of HCI
  • Designing for good
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