Course CSE346
Title Computer Communications
Credits 3
Course Coordinator

Thomas Robertazzi


Basic theory and technology of computer communications. Introduction to performance evaluation, error codes and routing algorithms. Other topics include Ethernet, wireless networks including LTE and 5G, fiber optic networking, software defined networking, networking on chips, space networks, data centers, grids and clouds, and network security. Not for credit in addition to CSE 310 or ISE 316.This course is offered as both CSE 346 and ESE 346.

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Prerequisite Pre- or corequisite for ESE and ECE majors: ESE 306

Pre- or corequisite for CSE majors: AMS 310 or 311 Prerequisite for CSE majors: CSE 220 Pre- or corequisite for ISE majors: ISE 218 and AMS 310 or AMS 311
Course Outcomes

Basic principles of computer communications. Introduction to performance evaluation of protocols. Protocols covered include those for local, metropolitan and wide area networks. Introduction to routing, high speed packet switching, circuit switching and optical data transport. Other topics include TCP/IP, Internet, web server design, network security and grid computing.

  • Networks and Grids: Technology and Theory, 1st ed. by Thomas Robertazzi, 2007. Publisher: Springer.
  • Introduction to Computer Networking, 2017, 1st ed by Thomas Robertazzi, 2017. Publisher: Springer
Major Topics Covered in Course

The following schedule is approximate:

  • Week 1: Probability Review and Transmission Media Hwk 1 due Sept. 6th.
  • Week 2: Performance Evaluation Hwk 2 due Sept. 13th.
  • Week 3: Algorithms (Error Codes, Line Codes, Network Coding, Routing and Quantum Key Distribution). Hwk 3 due Sept. 20th.
  • Week 4: Algorithms (continued) Hwk 4 due Sept. 27th.
  • Week 5: Queueing Theory
  • Week 6: Scheduling and Parallel Processing
  • Week 7: IEEE Local Area and Wireless Network Standards (Ethernet, 802.11 Wireless LAN, 802.15 Bluetooth, LTE) Midterm Oct. 7th (in class)
  • Week 8: IEEE Local Area and Wireless Network Standards (continued)
  • Week 9: IEEE Local Area and Wireless Network Standards (continued) Project 1 due Oct. 21st.
  • Week 10: Infiniband, MPLS and Fiber Optic Networking (including SONET and WDM). Essay 1 due Oct. 28th.
  • Week 11: Software Defined Networks. Networks on Chips. Essay 2 due Nov. 4th.
  • Week 12: Space Networks Project 2 due Nov. 11th.
  • Week 13: Grids, Clouds and Data Centers. Essay 3 due Nov. 18th.
  • Week 14: AES and Quantum Cryptography. Essay 4 due Nov. 25.

Self-Final due Dec. 2.


2 to 3 programming projects in spring, 1 major project in summer, on topics such as performance evaluation, routing algorithms and error correcting/detecting codes.

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