Course ISE218
Title Fundamentals of Information Technology
Credits 3
Course Coordinator

This course introduces computer organization to students interested in the relationship between computer hardware and information systems. The course examines components found in high use computing devices such as desktop computers, smart phones and navigation systems. The focus of the examination is understanding the underlying technology of each component, along with price/performance curves and competing technologies. Upon completion of the course, student should be proficient in reading device specifications, particularly the functional and performance implications. Students should also be able to use that knowledge to compare competing devices.

Prerequisite Prerequisite: Level 4 or higher on the mathematics placement examination or a grade of C or better in MAT 123 or higher
Course Outcomes
  1. Understand how numerical and non-numerical data are represented in digital computers,
  2. Understand the functions performed by components of a computer-based device,
  3. Indicate strengths and weaknesses inherent in different components and different architectures, and
  4. Understand the specification sheet of a typical computer-based device

The Essentials of Computer Architecture and Organization, Fourth Edition, Linda Null and Julia Lobur, Jones & Bartlett Learning, ISBN#978-1-284-04561-1.

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