Course ISE339
Title Benevolent Computing
Credits 3
Course Coordinator Tony Scarlatos

The purpose of this course is to explore the recent phenomenon of software applications that leverage social networks and mobile computing to solve local and global problems. The course will use case studies and journal papers to document the process of developing civically-oriented applications. Students will work in teams to identify campus causes (or off-campus non-profit organizations), and to design and develop a term project (mobile or web-based application) that will help those organizations achieve their goals.

Prerequisite U3 or U4 standing; ISE or TSM major
Course Outcomes
  • To know the origins of "computing for social good"
  • To become familiar with open source software tools
  • To learn the development process of civically-minded software
  • To explore the diversity of application areas in benevolent computing
  • To comprehend the synergy of social networks and mobile computing for social change

"Computers and Society: Computing for Good" by Lisa C. Kaczmarczyk

CRC Press ISBN 978-1-4398-1088-0

Major Topics Covered in Course
  • Microfinance and microphilanthropy
  • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  • Citizen journalism and activism
  • Just-in-time training and serious games
  • Medical, rehabilitative, and health-related applications
  • Environmental applications


​Projects/ Assignments

  • The assignments include field work, task analysis, technology assessment, and preparation of a design brief. A team-generated term project (mobile or web-based application) will be developed using a variety of IDE's and production tools.

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