Course ISE340
Title Design of Computer Games
Credits 3
Course Coordinator

Fundamental ideas underlying the design of games, which occurs before the programming stage. How games function to create experiences, including rule design, play mechanics, game balancing, social game interaction and the integration of visual, audio, tactile and textual elements into the total game experience. Game design documentation and play testing. Students will design their own game during the semester. This course is offered as both EST 310 and ISE 340.

Prerequisite Advisory Prerequisite: Basic Computer Skills
Course Outcomes
  • Game design documentation and play testing
  • Students will design their own game during the semester.
Major Topics Covered in Course

Covers fundamentals of X-ray computer tomography, ultrasonic imaging, nuclear imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as more general concepts required for these, such as linear systems theory and the Fourier transform. Popular techniques for the visualization, segmentation, and analysis of medical image data are discussed, as well as applications of medical imaging, such as image-guided intervention.

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